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Meet Your Transformation Coach

Adrian McDonnell is a highly established Online Transformation Coach.

Previously a primary school teacher for over four years, Adrian decided to follow his passion and pursue a career in fitness when he started seeing first-hand the results he could achieve with himself before helping his clients do the same.

From North Co. Galway (outside of Tuam), becoming a full time online coach, has allowed Adrian to serve clients not only living locally but around all of Ireland and the world (the UK, US, UAE, Canada & Australia to name a few).

​Training has turned Adrian’s life around from the inside out and this passion inspired Adrian to help others transform their bodies, improve their performance and feel more confident about themselves through the McLifestyle Coaching Method.

Adrian understands that one size fits nobody by accommodating his clients with a 1:1 online coaching service. Depending on your individual needs, he will help you to:

  • Tone up

  • Get Stronger

  • Feel Fitter

  • Improve you Sports Performance by building Power & Speed and even -

  • Work on your Mobility/Flexibility.​​​

​Want to find out more? Contact me today and I’ll answer any questions you have.

My Backstory

I've Had the Same Struggles as You Do:

Tired all the time or feeling insecure about something? Don’t feel like the old you? Or looking to become a new you?

You’re not the only one feeling this way.

Before I started my fitness journey, I was really insecure about myself. Skinny arms, non-existent chest & no muscle mass!

I was my own worst enemy - lots of negative self-talk and I self-sabotaged any success I had. I was always comparing myself to others.

I wasn’t confident wearing my clothes. I didn’t back myself playing sport.

I didn’t even want to socialise with my friends because I was too self-conscious and cared too much about what others thought of me.

I masked my insecurities by drinking alcohol. The night life & bad eating habits caused me to gain 7Kg inside one year.

I went from being skinny to skinny fat. But I still felt insecure. I still didn’t feel comfortable talking to girls. I still didn’t like how I looked in the mirror.

Luckily change arrived shortly after. I had to look at myself in the mirror and quit feeling sorry for myself.

And that’s when it all started.

I bought a 3 month summer gym membership. I started training. I saw progress. I wanted more.

I never knew what it felt like to have so much energy. I never knew what it felt like to feel strong. I never realised how good it felt to be able to wear clothes that actually fitted!

I always had the belief that “I was different” or “This won’t work for me because…”

But ever since I made those changes. Ever since taking that first step my life changed for the better. It made me realise that going on this transformation journey truly does change you from the inside out.

Yes, physically I started to look better but mentally, I changed from the inside out. For the first time I actually felt proud of myself.

Proud of the changes I made. And for once. I was satisfied with the person I saw in the mirror.

This gave me the confidence to leave my teaching job and pursue a career as an Online Coach to help others feel the same. And I haven't looked back since.

Remember, it’s never too late to change. No matter what you’ve tried in the past. No matter how much of a rut you’re currently stuck in.

No matter how little confidence or how insecure you feel. We’re all capable of changing.

It all starts with taking that first step - taking that first action. You can do this too.

Behind the Scenes at McLifestyle Fitness

Feeling Skeptical About Online Coaching?

Online vs 1:1 Coaching


1:1 Online Coaching

1:1 In-Person Training



Don’t have to fit the trainer’s schedule as much

Trainer can only work so many sessions per hour, so they are selective with their time slots. Meaning you can only book in on certain days at certain times.

Online Coaching


You can meet your trainer anywhere, any time via the Internet

Want a high quality personal trainer, but there are none in your area?

You have to go to where they are.

Online Coaching


Costs are packaged per month instead of per hour

Costs are packaged per hour averaging:

€40 - €80 per hour

3-4 times per week

€120 - €320 per week

€480 - €1280 per month

Online Coaching



Video assistance at the click of a button. You can watch it as many times as you want

You have to wait for to see your trainer again to get help.

Online Coaching



Video analysis to show you what areas need to be worked out. They don’t just see it once, they watch it over and over again to give well thought out, constructive feedback

​Standing beside you critiquing your form, but may not be as experienced as the online trainer (could go either way)





Your sessions take just as long as they need to. No longer, no shorter.

No wasting time. The session time is molded to your goals.

Sessions tend to be an hour because the trainer is forced to train that long by his or her company’s session standard.

Online Coaching


You control your goals, you control your schedule, you control what you can handle that day.

​Your goals are often dictated by the trainer’s preferences and what they want for you (could happen online as well)

Online Coaching

Trainer Burnout

Online trainers don’t always work 12-14 hour days, meaning they’re usually “fresh” when you talk to them. This results in better feedback and coaching.

​Trainers in private and commercial often work endlessly to “hit quotas” and always perform better than the month before. The pressure to sell often leads trainers to become overworked, stressed, and burnt out. Offering a lower quality service for more money.

Online Coaching

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